The best vase shapes. How to choose

Floral bouquets make the perfect gift for the special person in your life however, it can be tricky to pick a vase that perfectly complements your blooms. With so many shapes and materials, selecting a vase that won’t distract from the arrangement can be difficult.


Kenya: Zedgee brings wide variety of summer flowers

In Nairobi, Kenya, the local climate brings a lot of love and joy to the product range of Zedgee Limited. Mr. Paul Mwangi leads a group of experienced, passionate growers who provide high quality summer flowers, that are also available in winter.

Mr. Mwangi: “We have a special selection of small farms that grow high quality flowers. Thanks to the transparent and coordinated organisation, we can provide these flowers all year round. It makes us unique and our products a must-have for every wholesaler and florist.”

Local knowledge, global reach
Zedgee Limited is owned and locally managed by Kenyans. The head office is based in Nairobi, Kenya along Mombasa Road, in close proximity to the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport. Mr. Mwangi: “Our farms are spread across the various counties in Kenya with specific flower grading and processing facility based in Limuru, in Kiambu County about 30 kilometers from Nairobi along Limuru Red Hill Road.”

Strong Craspedia
Three of their most coveted products are the Craspedia, Moby Dick and Ornithogalum Saundersiae. Mr. Mwangi: “Our range of flowers also includes Roses, Gypsophilla, Ornithogalum Thyrsoides, Agapanthus, MobyDick, Scabiosa, Crocosimia, Erygium, Anigozanthus and Papyrus. However, the first three are by far our bestsellers. We grow them with passion on our high altitude outdoor farms and you can see our natural growing methods reflected in the quality of these flowers.“


Good climate lures Kenyan floriculture firms to Rwanda

Kenyan floriculture firms are eyeing expansion to Rwanda due to favourable climate and government incentives aimed at boosting the sector.

Several Kenyan firms say the climate in Rwanda favours the growth of flower types attracting high demand on the international market. A number are already seeking partnerships in Rwanda.

Bright Harvest Ltd, which brings together investors from Rwanda and other East African countries but is based in Rwanda is among the new entrants in the floriculture sector, having entered the market at the end of 2015.

The regional firm joined the market couple of weeks after Zedgee Flowers Ltd opened its subdivision Floramatt, in Rwanda.

“Floriculture is a profitable business and the main attraction for us is Rwanda’s climatic conditions and the enabling government policies,” said Joseph Muganga, the managing director of Bright Harvest Ltd.

Floramatt is looking to tap into a summer flower project growing Mobydick flowers flourish in Rwandan climate, in a bid to meet market demand in Europe.